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Just a single hook/loop

Rainy days, muddy trails—no more stripe. Easily mounts to seat post, seat tube, seat stays, or downtube of most bikes using specially designed reusable hook/loop straps.


Designed with simple lines and a shape that is sleek, unlike any other quick mount fenders. 


  • Fits over rear tire/wheel or under downtube for front wheel/tire. 

  • Easy to install—no tools required.

  • Weighs less than 50 grams including hook/loop straps.

  • One size fits all!

Bibbit Flying Fenders - Wholesale Pricing
No matter what Mother Nature has in store for 
your ride, you're 
ready with Woho!

The WOHO Flying Fender is sleek, stylish and always ready to go if Mother Nature decides to unleash its rainy wrath! Release the hook/loop straps, attach it to your bike and roll on! Really—it's just that easy! No tools required. :)

WoHo Flying Fenders
For easy storage wrap your Flying Fender around your seat post or frame

The revolutionary design “Flying Fender” can be rolled up and easily stored in a saddle bag, pocket or wrapped around frame/seat post. Easy to install and remove using a special non-slip hook/loop strap. During a rainy day just strap it onto the bike and go. On a sunny day, roll it up and put it away. The “Flying Fender is there for emergencies when stranded in the rain.



Woho Specifications:

Size: 70 x 10.5cm (27.5 x 4.1") Fit for

Down tube external diameter up to 16cm 
Seat tube up to Φ32mm
Tires up to 35mm width.

Attachement: special non-slip hook/loop strap.

Weight: 45g with one strap / 50g with two straps

Materials: Environmentally friendly, the Flying Fender is made with non-toxic material that can decompose naturally and can be rolled up thousand times.

Color: Black


Bibbit Flying Fenders on Sale!
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