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Protect yourself from the things you can't predict—like what's coming up behind you. Ride safe with Sprintech. 

It's one thing to take certain chances in life, but when it comes your safety—predictability isn't something to mess with. Have confidence in the world's most trusted bicycle safety mirrors—choose Sprintech.


Sprintech and Citytech mirrors have earned the reputation among cyclist as the best in the industry. Whether you're out on a Sunday ride, or in heat of competition—failure isn't an opiton. When other brands rattle and spin out of position, Sprintech mirrors hold true. 


Under 20 grams, they are amazingly light—yet shatter proof. They are sleek enough to play a roll in some of the world's top race teams and trusted to protect your most valuable assets—your kids. If you don't own a pair, think about it—you wouldn't drive your car with rearview mirrors, would you? 

Installation is easy as 1, 2 (no '3' needed). Simply remove the end cap and replace with the Sprintech cap. Then mate the female cap receptor with the mirror's female receptor—and walla! You're done!   

Install your Sprintech (curved) or Citytech (straight bar) mirrors and you'll experience life on the road from all vantage points—no more looking over your shoulder and wondering if the vehicle approaching is too close for comfort. Give yourself time to react.


Available in colors that match your bike—so you're sure to look sleek and in-style with these low profiles life savers. 


Available Colors: Yellow, White, Red, Blue and Black.


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