Unusual Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Cyclist

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life? You've probably already discovered that cyclists can be hard to buy for, especially if they are passionate about cycling and already seem to have everything they need. But if you are looking for something they can wear, accessories for their beloved bike or something for their home, knowing what to get and choosing from the array of options can feel rather daunting. Whether your focus is to get them something a little different and unique that shows you understand their passion for being on two wheels, we have all the inspiration you need to satisfy even the most demanding cyclist.

Ideas to Cycle Up Their Home

Celebrate their love of cycling with a fabulous and unique bike-themed gift. Whether it's a piece of artwork, a sculpture or even some jewelry, you'll find plenty to choose from to celebrate their love of cycling. You could even encourage them to bring their love of cycling indoors with a unique gift specially created from bicycle parts. Choose from clocks made from wheels, photo frames, coat hooks, bottle holders and magnets made from bicycle chains. How about a plant pot or picture frame made from old bicycle tires? You can find a beautiful and even practical gift for your loved one that's been recycled from part of a bicycle.

Gifts For The Cyclist Who Has Everything

America spends almost $100 million each year on bicycles and riding. So with most die-hard cyclists already boasting an abundance of cycling gear, buying gifts for them can become rather tricky. Instead, try thinking outside the box, or make that inside the box if you give your loved one a monthly gift box filled with things they love. Each month they will get a box of goodies that indulge in something they love If they pretty much have everything when it comes to cycling, a Build-A-Cap gift card is something a little different. A $40 gift card enables them to customize their very own cap, choosing the colors, size, and embroidery they want.

Share The Gift of Cycling

We know that giving helps others, but it can also be good for us too. So how about using your loved one’s passion for bikes and cycling to help other people? Make a donation to World Bicycle Relief on their behalf and students in rural areas of developing countries will receive a bicycle to help get them to get to school and work. For these communities, a bike will make a huge difference and help set them on the right path a better and brighter future.

While your loved one may spend most of their time on two wheels, choose them a unique gift that shows how much you know them. Whether you opt for indulging their love of cycling or you opt for something a little different, there are plenty of quirky gifts out there that will surely make their day.

Special contribution by Sally Writes.