Indoor Cycling: A Core Part of Cycling Training

Flo Car Unsplash Cycling

Photo by Flo Karr on Unsplash

Cycling is a popular activity that’s become more in fashion over the last decade. Statistics show about 66 million Americans rode in 2017, a number that’s jumped by nearly 20 million since 2008. While some of these riders use their bike for pleasure of utilitarian purposes, there are several that use it for exercise and training purposes. This is a good thing, since there are a ton of benefits involved with using your bike in this manner. However, these benefits don’t have to be reserved for outdoor sessions when the weather’s good. Incorporating an indoor cycling regimen to your cycling training routine can keep you on the top of your game, regardless of what it looks like outside.

What Is Indoor Cycling?

Perhaps the best way to describe what indoor cycling is to define what it is not. Indoor cycling is not spinning, whose primary function is to just burn calories on a utilitarian get-up. Indoor cycling will deliver the opportunity to burn calories, of course, but it will also help cyclists maintain speed and endurance during the “off-season.”

This is accomplished by hopping on an indoor bike that’s designed to simulate real cycling situations while maintaining a stationary position. Doing so can not only help you keep up your speed and endurance, it can also be used to help you improve riding techniques. This improvement could conceivably help you improve your speed and endurance metrics.