Nutrition Mistakes That Every Cyclist Should Avoid

Oak Island Slava Keyzman

Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash

In the year 2000, Americans made approximately 2 billion trips by bike and as of 2017, a whopping 66 million riders were recorded. In fact, statistics show that many Americans choose cycling to keep themselves healthy. While cycling provides a good workout, cyclists still need to pay attention to their food intake. Nutritionists note that the right blend of minerals and nutrients can help keep the body strong and healthy even during intense bike rides. They also add that the right nutrients eaten at the right time can also help the body recover faster. However, even seasoned cyclists make nutrition-related mistakes. This includes cycling on an empty stomach, subscribing to fad diets and diet myths, consuming too much fiber, not refueling during rides, and binge eating before or after a ride.

Riding under-fueled

If you love to go out on your bike in the morning or use it to get to work, it is important to remember that you need carbohydrates for fuel. Nutritionists note that you will need carbs from the day before so that you won’t be riding under-fueled. By morning, it is advised that you eat yogurt or a banana.

Working out without any food intake can affect your fitness results. Without glucose, the body is forced to break down fat for fuel. While this sounds good, it is actually bad for the body because it can lead to keto-acid buildup in the blood. This buildup can harm the kidney in the long term. It can also cause fatigue and dizziness.