Bicycle Safety - Is Your Bicycle Secure?

Is your bicycle secure?

Bicycle Safety - Is Your Bicycle Secure?

A stolen bicycle is the last thing any cyclist wants to discover. The National Bike Registry estimates that a staggering 1.5 million bicycles are stolen each year. The causes of these thefts are mainly due to cheap locks which can easily be broken into and bikes being left unattended. A cyclist working and training hard for an event will struggle without their expert piece of equipment and, while they’re doing everything they can to be a better cyclist, the prospect of days, weeks or even months without their bicycle can be heartbreaking. Therefore, it’s vital they do all they can to secure their bike and to protect it from thieves.

Prevention is key

When it comes to choosing the right bicycle, individuals have a vast array of products to select from. Once the deal has been done and a purchase made, cyclists should consider high end, high security items to deter thieves from targeting their bicycle. After all, it’s easier to prevent a loss from occurring than it is to try and retrieve belongings once they have been taken.

Expensive, top end bikes will stand out among a group of bicycles, therefore, it’s best to avoid leaving it with others. Bicycles shouldn’t be left unattended, either, not even for a couple of moments, as there is a risk of never seeing it again. Instead, a gold security rated lock should be used. It’s also worth considering using multiple locks to further enhance security.

Tracking & registration

A cyclist should be prepared for the worst so that if their bicycle is stolen they can act quickly to try to recover it. GPS tracking is a great way for owners to keep a tab on the whereabouts of their bike when it’s been taken. Easy to identify and removable devices should be avoided, though, and instead integrated gadgets, such as GPS enabled handlebars, should be sought.

When purchasing a bicycle, it’s always recommended to register it with a well known and recognized bike registry service so that if it is stolen and later recovered it can be traced back to the rightful owner and, hopefully, returned. There are some states where it’s law to register bicycle whereas other states do not have such legislation. It’s also beneficial to keep a note of the bicycle’s serial number in a safe location so it can easily be reported as stolen should the unimaginable happen.

With advances in technology, it has never been easier for cyclists to keep their bicycles secure and to minimize the risk of it being stolen.

Story submitted as special contribution by Sally Writes.