The Health Benefits of Cycling for Mesothelioma Patients

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Lower cancer rates are the result of everyday cycling, reports the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Researchers tracked thousands of subjects, and discovered that daily bike rides equated to a healthier body. When patients deal with lung cancer, however, they may not feel like these results apply to them. In reality, there are several benefits to biking that pertain to mesothelioma patients. Learn how this activity can change your world.

Breeds Good Hormones As a person breaks a sweat during a cycling workout, the body releases "good" hormones. Endorphins course through the cardiovascular system, which gives the person an uplifted feeling. Cancer patients feel good and normal during their exercise. The world may not seem like such a difficult place anymore. A person's health is often dictated in part by the mind. If a person feels happy about life, he or she will be more inclined to tackle the next cancer challenge. Encourages Deep Breathing When a patient is afflicted with mesothelioma, breathing deeply is a daily challenge. Matching this ailment with bicycling benefits creates the perfect storm for enhanced breathing. As a patient pedals along, nearly every muscle in the body is in motion. The lungs must take in more air in order to supply the body with enough oxygen through the bloodstream. At some point, the riders may not realize that they're inhaling more air than they normally do. Their health improves in small ways with each ride.

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Relieves Worries Those good hormones make patients feel good. A respite from the pain and discomfort associated with cancer is always welcome. If patients take advantage of cycling each day for even a short duration, their moods improve dramatically. Being in a good mood means that patients are more proactive about their treatments and positive about the future. Improves Muscle Tone The MD Anderson Cancer Center reports that riding a bike equates to more muscle on the human body. Lean muscle improves a person's posture, supports the organs and shores up the skeleton. Muscles also wrap around the core or torso. As a person gains more fitness through the cycling, the core muscles strengthen. Cancer patients end up with strong muscles that can provide more stability during breathing. Lung cancer, in particular, isn't so debilitating with strong, core muscles performing the work. Reduces Your Weight Cycling on a regular basis encourages the body to lose weight. Patients may not have this goal in mind as they fight cancer, but it's a typical side effect. With less weight on the body, lung-cancer patients have an easier time breathing than with the extra pounds. Filling the lungs with air is difficult when the lining is particularly irritated with tumors or lesions. Many associated, health concerns abate with the lack of fatty tissue on the body. Cancer symptoms are frustrating to deal with, but cycling can be a reprieve from the pain and discomfort. Whether patients prefer stationary bikes or outdoor cruisers, the exercise benefits continue to mount in number. Be part of an exercise revolution by trying biking out today.

Story submitted as special contribution by a ProNet Cycling reader.

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