A Quick Guide to E-Bike Maintenance

Andrew Austin | Ebikecatalog.com - When it comes to e-bike maintenance, many people can feel confused or even overwhelmed. This is why it will actually prove important to understand they are just as easy to clean as regular bikes. This means that a good cleaning routine can have a positive impact on its overall performance.

There are a couple of options you can choose from when it comes to proper maintenance. The first option would include taking the bike back to the dealer if your local shop has this regular service and maintenance package. The second option will be easier, as you will be the one responsible for good cleaning and maintenance.

General cleaning tips

When it comes to simple and quick maintenance, cleaning will be one of the first steps you will have to take. A clean bike will perform and look better and this is why you will have the opportunity to clean it with quality products. But how often should you clean it? Ideally, you would clean it after each long ride. But you should aim to clean the e-bike at least once per week.

A good tip is to avoid pressure washing altogether. This method could actually damage the bike since water can reach the bearings or other electric components. Many professionals thus recommend cleaning the bike with a dedicated quality product and a cloth. This way, you will put your bike in a better position when it comes to durability and proper functionality

Some premium bikes will also come with a thin protective surface over the paint. This is usually applied to keep the bike looking better for a long period of time. It will thus prove important to find the best solutions when it comes to the best cleaning products. Thus, you want to avoid harsh chemicals and you will also want to use clean rags to remove any oil traces from areas such as the frame or the pedals.

Apart from cleaning, you can also take this opportunity to check the smoothness of the cycling experience. For this purpose, you might even need to apply oil to the chain. Thus, you will need to look for options for the winter and the summer seasons as they will come with wet and dry characteristics. This way, you will ensure that the oil will not get a dry chain. Furthermore, you can also take this opportunity to check if the cables are running properly and if they need any lube application. You can also apply oil yourself and one of the simplest methods is to actually use spray oil.

Electrical and battery maintenance tips

Good maintenance can also go further. You can always check tire pressure for optimum performance and uneven wear. But when it comes to the motor and battery, you will not be able to do much, except to prevent long-term damage.

The battery, for example, will prove to be essential when it comes to a good performance. But you will not be able to take the unit apart to clean it as it will remain sealed for safety purposes. However, you can still follow a few good tips which should improve its durability. Thus, you should never let your battery out in the cold weather for a long period of time. Just as with any type of battery, you will have to bring it indoors during the cold winter months. Furthermore, you should also try to use the battery as often as possible especially in the cold climates. This also means that you should keep your battery charged for optimum performance. Even if you decide to take short trips, you should still let the battery charge when you return home as this is the way these Lithium-based options work.

When it comes to the electrical parts, you should always try to keep them in good working condition. The simplest way to prevent problems is to store your bike in a dry place. Thus, you should not leave it outside, especially during rain. Humidity can come with corrosion problems and this is why you should look to prevent these issues by storing your bike in a dry place such as in the garage or in the house.

Other tips to prevent damages

When it comes to a good maintenance routine, it will be important to look for the best options in advance. Thus, there are some bikes which come with self-diagnostics. This way, you can call your local shop to tell them about your problem and get a repair quotation or schedule an appointment. In many cases, these errors shown by the self-diagnose system can be simply reset by the user but you should still have your bike serviced as this will not actually fix the problem.

Good bike maintenance also involves trying to prevent as many issues as much as possible. This is why you will want to keep it away from cold weather when not in use. But the same applies when it comes to the summer seasons where you should not let your e-bike in direct sunlight when not in use. This is why you should have a dedicated indoor space to keep it when not cycling.

In general, an e-bike should thus not be more complicated to maintain than a regular bike. The good news is that most modern bikes will require some minimal care and as a user, you should not get involved in fixing any of the electrical or mechanical problems without prior experience. This is why you should have your bike serviced by a professional when you encounter serious issues. On the other hand, you will be able to get involved with smaller maintenance tasks such as cleaning or oiling which should be performed as often as needed.


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