Riding and Gear Tips: Your Summer Bike Setup

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MOMENT BICYCLES | San Diego, CA - The summer months come with the best weather conditions for biking. With longer days and sunny weather, you will spend more time outdoors enjoying your bike. But without the proper gear, you might not maximize the experience during these months. Although not all gear is essential, it can still improve your overall riding experience and this is why you should consider choosing the best equipment which is suited for your needs.

Cycling clothing

If you're looking to have a comfortable riding experience during the summer months, you will need the right clothing. This means you will have to focus on finding clothing that can keep you cooler for longer. The short sleeve jersey is a good starting point.

Although there are many types of jerseys to choose from, you want to look for breathable materials. For the ultimate comfort, you should also look for stretch panels, especially in the underarm area. If you plan to cycle during the day, you should also consider zipped options which can allow you to improve ventilation.

Cycling mirror

One of the best tips for summer riding is to look for the best safety measures. Since the roads will be busier this time of the year, having a cycling mirror can potentially keep you away from accidents. There are many types of mirrors for your bike. Many of them don't even need tools to setup.

Make sure you stay safe on the road by always being aware of your surroundings. This is why having a mirror might help you avoid certain accidents.

Cooler bag

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Hydration is the most important during the summer months. It is at this time of the year that you will need more water to keep yourself well hydrated, especially since you will be sweating more. Good nutrition is also important, but having a bottle of water with you at all times may prove to be one of the best decisions for your riding experience. For this purpose, you can find all types of cooler bags for your bike. You can thus keep water or snacks cooler for longer.


Sunglasses can be a top priority on the list of accessories for your summer bike setup. They don't just look good but they can protect your eyes against UV lights, dust or even insects. So what is the difference between regular sunglasses and cycling alternatives? Cycling sunglasses usually cover a larger area protecting your eyes against dust particles and insects.

Protecting your eyes is often not discussed enough. With modern jobs where you may look at a screen for 8 hours per day, you will need to make extra efforts to protect your vision against the harsh UV lights while cycling. This is why having quality sunglasses can truly help. If you want maximum versatility you can choose photochromic sunglasses which gradually darken in harsh sunlight.

Breathable helmet

Cycling helmets represent, arguably, the most important piece of equipment for cyclists. They can drastically improve safety and can protect you in the case of accidents against serious injuries. Of course, there are thousands of models on the market and this is why the choice can be confusing. During the summer, you will want a helmet which not only offers good protection but which is also capable of improving ventilation.

The last thing you want when out cycling is to have major discomfort due to the helmet which can make you lose focus. The good news is that you can find good helmets with proper ventilation in specialized shops. If you are performance oriented, you can choose a design with covered air ventilation holes for improved aerodynamics.

Moment Bicycles: Riding and Gear Tips

Mini bike pump

With increasing temperatures over the day, your tires will always need to be checked for optimum performance. To avoid unpleasant situations with flat tires out on the road, you can carry a mini bike pump for emergency situations. While they might not perform as good as regular pumps, they can offer the travel-friendly alternative as they can even fit in a pocket. If you're looking for the best model to maximize performance you will need to look for premium options. But if you only need one in a case of emergency and you don't have to inflate the tires quickly, you can look for affordable models.

Riding gear for summer can help you improve the cycling experience in terms of safety and comfort. While some of the equipment is not mandatory, it can help to stay focused on the road. For example, the cooler bag can be a good addition for refreshing hydration. A breathable helmet can also act to keep you cooler but at the same time better protected. In the end, it’s all up to you to decide which equipment works best for your summer bike setup, just remember – safety first.


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