Lighter, Sleeker, and More Comfortable The Ultimate Sweatband® Just Got Better

DALLAS, Texas—June 12, 2017—GUTR® introduces a new addition to their performance sweatband line up, SWEAT GUTR® FLEX.


 Upending the use of traditional fabric sweatbands, the original, patented SWEAT GUTR® sweatband proved popular with athletes and active people when playing and working in hot, humid conditions. Compared to fabric sweatbands and bandanas that absorb sweat and eventually saturate, the GUTR® is made of a soft, flexible plastic that forms a seal to continuously channel sweat away from the eyes and face, avoiding blurred vision and fogging lenses. 

The newest addition, SWEAT GUTR® FLEX, features a low-profile, easily-adjustable, elastic closure. The refined sweatband has a longer channel, uses a softer polymer, and is available in 6 color options. Like its predecessor, FLEX fits smartly under all kinds of head gear—cycling, hard hats, military and a wide range of sports helmets.

“The new sleek design is very comfortable and lightweight,” shared GUTR CEO, Erick P. Flatt. “With help from our product testers and production partners, we made improvements in comfort and effectiveness suited for extreme-performance and everyday situations alike.”