It's mud season! Published in April, here's a great article on the BOS mud tire from our friends at Cyclocross magazine. You can see the full article here.


We first got word of the Clement BOS tubeless cyclocross tire last year at Sea Otter, and then saw early images of it back in September at Interbike, but now we have our hands on one of the first sets to land.

The Clement BOS tire is named after Boston’s Logan International Airport three letter code, in typical Clement cyclocross/gravel tire style (other tires are the LAS, PDX, MSO, USH). The BOS is billed as a mud tire.

Clement BOS Tubeless Cyclocross Tire

The Clement BOS is the brand’s latest entry to the tubeless game. © Andrew Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

Another mud tire? Isn’t that what the PDX already is? Adding to the potential name confusion, cyclocross racers living outside of Boston may think of the recent dry, dusty Gloucester conditions of recent years when imagining Boston racing.

Clement’s Johs Huseby knows all about Boston’s cyclocross conditions, having raced professionally for Independent Fabrication and battled the McCormack brothers, Tim Johnson and Jonathan Page at the height of the Saturn SuperCup. He knows that once the temperatures drop, Boston can be as muddy as anywhere in the country.