Join the Bamboo Bike Club & Build Your Own 
Bamboo has been used for thousands of years in Asian architecture and construction. And green-minded folks everywhere are using it for flooring, fabrics and more. But bicycles?

In a small workshop tucked away in London, the Bamboo Bicycle Club is offering tutorials teaching people how to build their own entirely bespoke bamboo bike. They also sell home-build kits, giving anyone in the world a chance to try their hand at building their own bicycle out of bamboo. Sure, bamboo is sustainable, but it also offers a superior ride, according to the company. The material provides natural suspension, says engineer James Marr, co-founder of the Bamboo Bicycle Club. And because bamboo is light, durable, and easy to shape, riders can tinker and modify their design until it's absolutely right. "You're only going to make people use sustainable materials if [they're] better," Marr says. "So bamboo has to be better -- otherwise people aren't going to choose it." Related: This startup is protecting Afghanistan&#x