Poland unveils bike path that glows
TPA Sp. z o.o, a European construction company, has recently installed a bicycle path in Olsztyn, Poland. But it's not just any bicycle path that you usually see. It glows in the dark and is charged by solar power during the day.
The new bike path is located near Lidzbark, Warminski. The path glows a bright blue color at night with the presence of the luminophore particles in the asphalt. The particles are actually made of synthetic material that lights up when it is dark. The glowing bike path is also unlikely to go out soon because it is powered by solar energy so it charges itself during the day and lights up a magnificent blue color at night.Igor Ruttmar, president of TPA Sp. z o.o said that the luminophore particles are able to light up for as long as 10 hours. The particles are also available in many colors but the designers of the path picked the blue color to blend in well with the surrounding landscape of the Lyna River, small hills and the rugged feel of the countryside. Olsztyn director Waldermar Królikowski emphasized that the bike path's design is to improve the safety of people who spends their night biking. More here at Bike Radar

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