1946 - Bike of the Future: $35,000
If you're not riding a Spacelander, your shiny new set of wheels might be obsolete. In 1946, inventor/designer, Benjamin George Bowden, introduced the 'Bicycle of the Future."  Depending on how you look at it, Bowden's Spacelander lived up to it's claim when one recently sold at auction for a whooping $35,000. Those of you die-hard cyclist reading this might certainly agree; any bike that fetches over ten grand is a ride reserved for either the pros, the wealthy, or the whimsical hearted few with a passion for perfection. Whether be it futuristic, or just suave and sleek, the Spacelander is a marvel to behold—and at $35,000, certainly a dream bike that is still alive and well and - at least in the minds of collector. This beauty featured at Wright Auction
It's rumored that only 522 ever made it from factory to shelf, and sources say they were priced at $90, which equates to a hefty $1,169 in today's terms. The single-speed Spa