WoHo Flying Fender Reviewed
There's nothing worse than commuting to work on your pedal-cycle and discovering half-way there that the weather man forgot to mention that there would be a tiny, early morning, rain storm . Ah...but you're prepared. You're not that guy that that shows up at the office with a chocolate stripe up the keister side of you tan Khakis.
No sir—you've shelled out your $9.99 for a snappy Flying Fender!
There are a fair number of you out there who rather ride into a tidal wave and come out soaked than fasten a permanent set of fenders on your beautiful bike—and we can't say we blame you.
However, there is good news. Introducing WOHO, Flying Fenders. No bolts, screws or sharp objects to scratch your feather light, carbon fiber frame—just a quick hook and loop and your good to go. When you're done, wrap it around your seat post, roll it up and stick it in your pocket, or in your attache. No matter how you packet it, you're always be ready to defeat the chocolate stripe.
Those of you still on the fence with the whole fender thing, think of it as a temporary, up-side-down umbrella for your bike. It's there when you need it. Stashed away, when you don't.
Hook and Loop WoHo Flying Fenders
User Instructions are pretty simple: At the arrival of the first drop of rain, look both directions, pull over, unwrap your Flying Fender, hook and loop the little rain tamer to your drop post, remount your bike—and you're on your way!
WoHo Flying Fender Ready for Rainy Day!

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