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ProNet Cycling SpinWorx Clement 29" LXV mtb tires and WoHo Flying Fender
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At ProNet, we take pride in the companies we represent, selecting only those we feel are market leaders with innovative and quality products. We're rounding the corner of our 20th Anniversary and we're proud to say, we've had the honor to represent some of the finest brands in the cycling industry. 


As we continue on into the next 20 years, we want you to be sure that we'll continue to uphold our promise to serve and represent products and brands that will always live up to your highest expectations. 

Clement Tires and Woho Flying
Fenders Hit the muddy trails 




It's a bad day when you wake up and have to hit the road for a job interview and realize your car battery is dead. Oh well. You break out your trusty old iron steed, tuck your red power socks into your pant leg, and hit the road like a true champion. Uh oh...guess who's back?

Yup, your old sparring partner (Mother N). It's time for a cold shower!  


By the time you arrive at work, you're wearing a nice racer's stripe up the back side of your best slacks. Hey, your new boss will understand. Thanks to WOHO Flying Fenders, it doesn't have to be this way. 



For those of you that are over the proverbial cycling hill, (and I'm speaking from experience on this matter) if you want to feel young, agile

and invincible, again, suit up with a set Clement's LXV's. 


This wasn't my first rodeo with Clement tires, so the expectations were already high. I couldn't wait to hit the trails; however, the greying haired me, had to remind myself that riding on exposed boulders, heavily root-infested trails, and slick wet clay was ample reason to approach the 

mission with a pinch of caution. Good treads, or not—Mother Nature has a way of putting you on your keister with her carefully laid booby traps. A broken branch can turn into a gonads jousting lance at the blink of an eye (but that's whole different story). This test ride started off with



You know it's a good day when your boss tells you that you need to get out and play around in the mud. And let's be honest, no matter what stage of adulthood you might think you've achieved, splashing around in dirty water is a sure-fire way to reconnect with that lost, freckled-faced-child, you once knew. We couldn't have ask for a better weekend to do a review on Clement's LXV 29'ers and the WOHO Flying Fender. The air had a springy bite to it, the clouds were gently lifting off the surrounding peaks and it had just laid down buckets of rain the evening before—Heaven awaits. On the way out the door, I'm sure I saw that freckled faced kid smiling back at me. Yippee, we're going out to play in the mud! 

FEBRUARY 14, 2016

WoHo Flying Fender Review by ProNet Cycling SpinWorks

a four mile (part trail, part logging road)  ride to the bottom of Green Mountain. It didn't take long for the LXV's to earn my confidence, they stuck to the trails like glue. Named after the legendary Leadville 100 mountain bike race (imagine racing 100 miles with no oxygen, starting at 9,200 feet elevation and ending somewhere in the clouds at 12,600 feet), they really are the perfect mix of speed, stickiness and reliability. And if it isn't bold enough to name them after the Leadville 100, the fact that they're good enough for Ryan Trebon certainly clears up any confusion as to whether or not they are good enough for me. In short, the LXV's felt amazing. They hooked up beautifully while climbing, even in the loose stuff and gave me a sense of complete control under a myriad of conditions. Yes, I did feel young again, even agile and maybe just a little bit invincible while out on the trails with some new rubber from Clement. Two thumbs up for the LXV's and looking forward to the next ride!

Clement LXV 29 inch mountain bike tire reviewed

Besides loving Clement's LXV's, I had a chance to test out the WOHO Flying Fender. I have mixed feelings. I got home from a relatively challenging and messy ride, but had a hard time convincing my wife—it's a good thing we shot some video as proof.  The fender works, and is arguably a must have for commuters who aren't willing to go with the permanent fender, but don't want to show up to work or an interview with a wet backside. The Flying Fender is one of those brilliant ideas that leaves you asking yourself, "why didn't I think of that?" It's so stinking simple, that it's brilliant. 

WoHo and Clement 29 inch LXV Review

On my ride down the mountain I literally forgot that I had it on. It's constructed of a lightweight, semi-ridgid plastic, that musters  its strength from a few simple folds. After the ride, loosen the hook and loop strap and it's off the bike. Lay it flat, roll it up and pack it in your pocket, backpack, wrap it around your seat post, your leg, tape it to your forehead or fly it behind your bike like a kite.


Well, maybe scratch the kite idea, but the point is, it's easy to pack along for the ride and should you decide you need the protection, one quick hook and loop strap and your up and going again. It's that easy.  

As a final note, you can use the WOHO Flying Fender to keep front tire spray off your shins, as well, (two hook & loop straps required for the front installation). Stay dry my friends—stay dry on the fly. 

Green Mountain Trail Testing Clement LXV and WoHo Flying Fender
WoHo Flying Fender Review



Our next product review might be IceToolz—but we're open to your suggestions, so let us know what you would like to see tested and even how you'd like to see it tested. We're ready to take anything on—as long as it involves mud, dirt and bugs in our teeth! WOHO!

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