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stop squeaks - fast acting - universal formula - biodegradable - superior formula - higher lubricity- universal guard - multi purpose - guards against corrosion - penetrates       

FUG Brands® 

premium grade lubricant

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FUG It! Things Just Got a Little More Colorful Around The Work Bench



Use it or lose it the saying goes. And where there is movement there is bound to be friction. 


You wouldn't think that a dry lubricant formula would perform better than a wet variation, would you? But it does. Why?

The FUG It! formula was developed for aerospace where it’s mission critical to keep particulate matter and debris away from highly sensitive moving parts and components.


It's no different for gears, chains and moving parts on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, garages and around the house. Keeping dust, dirt and debris  from sticking to moving parts is half the battle of keeping things running smooth without squeaking, squawking and promoting premature wear and tear. 

FUG It! Premium Grade Multi-Purpose Lubricant is made from a superior quality of liquefied petrols which are biodegradable, a bonus for your trash can and the environment. The spray canisters formerly designated as pepper spray cans for law enforcement contain Co2 as the propellant (that's the same stuff in soda cans) versus propane or butane. A short nozzle and 2.6 oz size make for a convenient carry anywhere size.  

FUG It! is better for bearings, sprockets, chains & gears - all the moving parts & pieces that you depend on to keep you going. It’s also a great general purpose low-odor lubricant to use around the home & shop in a convenient take-anywhere size.

Try it - you’ll love using FUG It! It's an experience in a can – and offensively effective. If You Can’t Fix It, FUG It! 


The New Wheel - San Francisco, CA 

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