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Precisely Detailed

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the concept that even a small change can make a significant impact. This phenomenon is symbolized by the set of equations known as the Lorenz attractor resembling the wings of a butterfly.

What do butterflies have to do with cycling?


In a sport where the difference between wins and losses are measured in fractions of a second, the gains necessary to achieve victory may be lost in the blink of an eye.


Founded by materials engineer, Alberto De Gioannini, it would only make sense that his pedigree for precision and passion toward cycling would result in the launch of a company committed to harnessing the power of the butterfly effect.

Introducing Effetto Mariposa, a name inspired by innovation and quality measured in microns. A hybrid of Italian and Spanish meaning butterfly effect, it symbolizes the notion that small things can make a big difference.

"No detail escapes our reach."


Guided by a principle to continually evolve, their products are often deemed first in their class.


With their unique line of tire sealants, adhesive tapes, torque wrenches, frame protective vinyl and helmet pads, Effetto Mariposa is recognized as an innovator giving cyclists a competitive advantage from novices to peak professionals.


Effetto Mariposa has a mission to provide perfection with  every product they manufacture.


“We genuinely believe in sweating the small details. After all, our very name pays homage to the relentless pursuit of precision amidst chaos. No detail escapes our reach.”

–Alberto De Gioannini

A balanced approach

Shelter Wheel Kit is made of 35 washers that fit snugly over the valve stem, gluing at its base, with an elegant and almost invisible silencing effect. It's also great to balance wheels, with an additional vibration-reducing action.

It's all about the foam

Reviewed by: - "If you run tubeless-ready tires, you know the importance of sealant. The magic elixir is crucial for reliable tube-free setups. While you may assume that all sealants are the same, Effetto Mariposa’s Caffélatex stands out from the pack with its synthetic-latex formula and foaming action. Unlike traditional latex sealants, Caffélatex does not contain ammonia, making the sealant rim-and-tire friendly..we never encountered a puncture that Caffélatex couldn’t seal." 

(see full review here)


Caffélatex is a truly innovative tire sealant; perfect for tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications.Unlike classic latex-based sealants, Caffélatex expands by foaming. Centrifugal force drives standard latex-based sealants against the outer circumference of the tire. Caffélatex turns instead into foam, filling the tire’s entire internal cavity, making the sealant much more effective against sidewall punctures. 

Thread and bolt

saver built for everyday use

Reviewed at

"Effetto Mariposa have more than a few very cool products...But the product that gets the most use from me is the latest version of one of the nicer torque wrenches available." The Giustaforza II 2-16 Pro Deluxe. "...The new GF Pro is very easy in your hands, everything fits well together and the wrench gives a very positive torque limit response. The case material on the Giustaforza wrench that's been here for a couple of years is holding up extremely well and has also held its calibration almost perfectly over what's been a few thousand clicks..." (read more here)

Small but mighty

Targeted at professional users, Giustaforza II 2-16 Pro is red anodized and has a reversible ratcheting head. The DELUXE version is completed with cycling-specific bits and comes into a practical wrap package.

Bottom brackets...

meet your match

Reviewed at - "I found that the 10-60 largely looks and feels just like its smaller brother. It has the same 3-degree free movement when you reach the desired torque setting, and is guaranteed for the same +/- 4% accuracy and 5,000 clicks before recalibration." "The 3/8-inch driver can push through either side of the socket, allowing the wrench to work in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion."

(read more here).

Big Brother

The Giustaforza :: 10-60 Pro is designed to handle the heavy lifting  (bottom brackets, cassettes) around the bike shop. Each 15" is forged from aluminum and individually checked for quality before shipping.  

Why hassle with tape when there are rim strips? 

Reviewed at "The innovative folks at Italian accessory brand Effetto Mariposa are working to make your time in the garage shorter, and your time on the trail sweeter. Their Caffélatex product line offers a few different ways to ease your tubeless setup. The unique rim strips take the place of the adhesive tape used by most tubeless brands. They can be used on tubeless-ready rims, or to convert from non-tubeless. Unlike the soft, thick butyl rubber found on most tubeless conversion kits, the Caffélatex strips don’t need a layer of tape to support them..."

(read more here)

The Future of Tubeless Strips

Mountain Bike Action Magazine coined Effetto Mariposa's Caffélatex

Tubeless Strips as "The future of tubeless setups" in their field test review...(full story)

You sexy thing you

Now why would Effetto Mariposa bother to anodize their valve stem caps a sizzling red? Effetto knows that even the smallest details can make a big difference, especially when it comes to your favorite ride. And when you have the specs to back it up it's OK to put your competitors on notice. It'll be the only advantage they'll get. So go on, show 'em what you're sporting—you've got Effetto wings at your back.

It's called curb appeal

At the end of the of the day quality craftsmanship inspires something you can feel  sometimes with just a glance. It's a reminder that details matter. And with Effetto Mariposa they are infinitely calibrated to your advantage.  

To see our full line of Effetto Mariposa tire accessories

Effetto Mariposa is one of the best kept secrets in cycling today. With its unique line of tire sealants, tubeless accessories, frame protectants and award-winning tool kits Effetto Mariposa is quickly becoming recognized as a leading innovator giving cyclists a competitive advantage from novices to peak professionals.


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