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When our customers are happy, we're happy.

we love what we do!


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Started pedaling around the Globe in 1966

After thirty years of being in and around the cycling business, ProNet Cycling was established in 1996 to provide sales support for the companies and brands in the U.S. and abroad. We quickly realized that sales support involved more than just providing fine products -- it meant standing behind them firmly, as if we were the manufacturer! At ProNet, we take pride in the companies we represent, selecting only those we feel are market leaders with innovative and quality products.


It is our policy to answer every phone call and e-mail; provide quick turnaround (usually within 24 hours) for warranty issues and repairs; know the products we represent, and be able to provide information regarding use and care; provide accurate and timely shipments of orders; and ensure the products we represent are good investments for cyclists, dealers, and distributors.


ProNet Cycling is not the largest company around, but that's not important. What is important to ProNet are the people we work with, and the people we provide products, services, and support to. We want cycling to be a fun and safe experience for everyone!


Over 30 countries charted 

"For over  fifty years my life has revolved around bicycle assembly, repair, and sales to such a degree that the daughter of a friend calls me "Mike the Bike Guy". Traveling in search of new markets and sales has allowed me to visit more than 30 countries and make friends around the world, not something I ever would have dreamed of while growing up in the small city of Bremerton, Washington.


Meeting cycling legends like Eddie Merckx and Francisco Moser, as well as industry leaders like Joseph Chao, Joel Davis, Terry Heller, Rio Marui, Mr. Shimano, Victor Sun, and many others, has made life an exciting experience. The world of cycling has been good to me!" --Mike Kalmbach, owner


The smile behind the phone

New to the ProNet team, Alissa brings a smile to the whole thing. "I never dreamed there was so much to cycling, and that cyclists are so passionate about their sport," said Alissa "I do my best to keep our records up to date, so when customers need information about particular products, I can let them know how many are in stock and when they can be shipped."

Supporting Crew 

The rest of the cast members flip switches and button down hatches to ensure smooth sailing. All in an effort to provide a seamless customer experience in the hopes of connecting folks who make great bikes and bike parts with the folks who like to ride them. For the joy of it all.

Thank you for visiting ProNet. Go ride a bike! 


If you're looking to move a new product into the U.S. market, let's talk. We'll help you navigate through all the obstacles and put you on the radar.

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