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no showers out here 

by Life elements

ETHOS OF A SMALL BUSINESS IN A DISPOSABLE INDUSTRY: "We Enable and enhance healthy active lifestyles by providing effective natural body products that are safe for our bodies, our family and the environment." -Martha Van Inwegen

Action Wipes are a pre-moistened, no rinse body wipe created specifically for when there is no water or shower facilities available. One Action Wipes can equal up to 25 gallons of water, which is the average amount used in a 10 minute shower.

Its proprietary formula creates mild suds that don't require rinsing and are quick to dry - leaving your skin clean & refreshed, not sticky.  Action Wipes are made with plant derived ingredients and pure essential oils traditionally used for their antibacterial and antiseptic properties - like tea tree, eucalyptus and frankincense. Aside from removing sweat and odor, they're good for cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, road-rash, and the saddle sore area*. If you're a rock climber, back packer or mountain biker, Action Wipes help to remove poison oak and poison ivy oils too. If you're a road cyclist - they are amazing at removing embrocations too.

Life Elements Healing Honey Stick is a soothing salve made specifically to use on dry skin, rashes, wounds, bee/insect stings, runners heels, saddle sores, callouses, hang nails, scars. And, because it's non-comedogenic, it can be used as a daily facial moisturizer. It's also great as a chamois and anti-chafing balm. And yes, it's safe for children and pet's paws.

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