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ProNet, Inc. is the North American master supplier of bicycle accessories and riding gear from Donnelly/Clément Cycling, Sprintech, PowerBar, Effetto Mariposa, IceToolz, Sage, GUTR, Leonardi Factory and Action Wipes.


We carry the broadest range of each line, ship same day, have live customer service and supply distributors, bike shops, teams, clubs and everyday bikers. Find out why these brands are quickly becoming fan favorites from pro riders to beginning cyclists. Let's Ride!

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The New Wheel - San Francisco, CA 

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The Bahati Foundation celebrates its 10th year anniversary of impacting the arc of young peoples’ lives on and off the bike. During this pandemic, the Bahati Foundation through its Adopt-A-School program and Motion Equals Healthy initiative continues to serve inner-city youth by providing access to cycling, tech and healthy lifestyle habits.


You can help by supporting the Bahati Foundation mission through purchasing the original limited, print edition Cycling Equality Poster created by renowned poster-artist Michael Valenti and signed by 10-time U.S. Champion Cyclist, Rahsaan Bahati.

Donnelly is proud to be able to work with the Bahati Foundation for their work to mentor and develop future cycling champions. 100% of all proceeds of this memorable poster benefit the Bahati Foundation.


Poster art created by artist Michael Valenti - https://veloist.com/ with collaboration from Zach Lee Designs - https://zachleedesign.com/ and Donnelly Sports. :: Shop Now.

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Health Benefits of Cycling


SALLY WRITES - In the year 2000, Americans made approximately 2 billion trips by bike and as of 2017, a whopping 66 million riders were recorded. In fact, statistics show that many Americans choose cycling to keep themselves healthy. While cycling provides a good workout, cyclists still need to pay attention to their food intake. Nutritionists note that the right blend of minerals and nutrients can help keep the body strong and healthy even during intense bike rides. They also add that the right nutrients eaten at the right time can also help the body recover faster. However, even seasoned cyclists make nutrition-related mistakes. :: More

Laurel Rathbun Donnelly Cycling


SALLY WRITES - You already know you’re getting fit - but in addition to that, your daily ride could help your skin and hair health, too. Aerobic exercise, like cycling, increases the flow of oxygenated blood to the skin, and helps your skin stay..:: More

Cycling and Mental Balance

SALLY WRITES--Cycling is a popular activity that’s become more in fashion over the last decade. Statistics show about 66 million Americans rode in 2017, a number that’s jumped by nearly 20 million since 2008.

:: Story Here.

Effetto Mariposa Super-Duty Torque Wrench
Solar Powered Bike Path



When the going gets tough, the tough turn to Effetto Mariposa's Professional torque wrench, (10-60 Nm). Leave this beauty out on your work bench and you're sure to earn some respect from you neighborhood cycling pals.  


:: More on Effetto Mariposa Tools

Essential Features That Cyclists Can Get From Insurance


SALLY WRITES - In 2017, there were 783 cyclists killed in crashes with motor vehicles in the United States. It can be easy to ignore the fact that bicycle accidents can happen to you but these statistics suggest... :: Story Here. 



Poland is home to some of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Now, it's home to the first ever solar powered bicycle path. Thanks to luminophore particles embedded in the asphalt, cyclists can literally ride off into the sun set.

:: More on Solar Powered bike Path

Distracted Drivers, An Increasing Problem For Cyclists

SALLY WRITES In the United States, more than 1000 people are injured every single day in crashes involving distracted drivers.

:: Story Here.

Clement Tubless tires now available in U.S

We first got word of the Clement BOS tubeless cyclocross tire last year at Sea Otter, and then saw early images of it back in September at Interbike, but now we have our hands on one of the first sets to land.


The Clement BOS tire is named after Boston’s Logan International Airport three letter code, in typical Clement cyclocross/gravel tire style (other tires are the LAS, PDX, MSO, USH). The BOS is billed as a mud tire.

Review:               :: View Article Here

Purchase Now:  :: ProNet Online Sales

EBike Catalo


Andrew Austin | Ebikecatalog.com — When it comes to e-bike maintenance, many people can feel confused or even overwhelmed. This is why it will actually prove important to understand they are just as easy to clean as regular bikes. This means that a good cleaning routine can have a positive impact on its overall performance.

There are a couple of options you can choose from when it comes to proper maintenance. The first option would include taking the bike back to the dealer if your local shop has this regular service and maintenance package. The second option will be easier, as you will be the one responsible for good cleaning and maintenance.


:: View Article Here                         :: Visit ebikecatalog.com/

Effetto Mariposa Bicycle Tire First Aid


New to ProNet - the Italian made Effetto Mariposa line of tapes, sealants, frame protective vinyl and tool kits brings innovation and competitive advantage to a whole new level. For instance, its Carogna Double adhesive tape cuts down time when mounting tubular bicycle tires from 3 days to 24 hrs. Yes, really!  


::  Shop Effetto at ProNet Online

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FUG Brands Introduces Premium Lubricant


You wouldn't think that a dry lubricant formula would perform better than a wet formula, would you? But it does. Why?

The FUG It! formula was developed for aerospace where it’s mission critical to keep particulate matter and debris away from highly sensitive moving parts and components.


It's no different for gears, chains and moving parts on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, garages and around the house. Keeping dust, dirt and debris  from sticking to moving parts is half the battle of keeping things running smooth without squeaking, squawking and promoting premature wear and tear. 

FUG It! Premium Grade Multi-Purpose Lubricant is made from a superior quality of liquefied petrols which are biodegradable, a bonus for your trash can and the environment. The spray canisters formerly designated as pepper spray cans for law enforcement contain Co2 as the propellant (that's the same stuff in soda cans) versus propane or butane. A short nozzle and 2.6 oz size make for a convenient carry anywhere size.   :: Shop Now.

Gravel Cyclist Review Clement Ushuaia Gravel Wheelset
Matthew McConaughey Sweat GUTR Sweatband
Matthew McConaughey Sweat GUTR Flex weatband

Boulder, CO—As the CX season heats up Donnelly Cycling looks to the year ahead with newly branded tires and a fresh outlook for 2022.

A tradition of extraordinary tire design evolves into an American brand. For more than 10 years Donnelly Sports has been developing cycling tires under a classic Italian name. Race tested models that have become so ingrained in the sport will now pay homage to their Boulder, Colorado home and bear their founder’s name. CX tires like the MXP, PDX LAS and BOS. ADVENTURE tires like the X’PLOR MSO, and X’PLOR USH. And ROAD tires like the Strada LGG, LCV and CDG. The Donnelly brand name may be new, but the model names, production materials and methods will remain the same.


All good things evolve. Donnelly Cycling—Same race tested tires, more familiar name.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Donnelly Cycling is moving to a new distribution home.   :: Shop Now.

Sweat GUTR Flex LifeStyle Magazine

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After thirty years of being involved in the cycling business, ProNet Cycling was established in 1996 to provide sales support for the companies and brands in the U.S. and abroad. At ProNet, we take pride in the companies we represent, selecting only those we feel are market leaders with innovative designs and highest quality products.

Current brands include: Donnelly/Clément Cycling, Effetto Mariposa, IceToolz, GUTR, BIBBITS, Sprintech, WOHO, Life Elements, Leonardi Factory, Fouriers and PowerBar. 

It is our policy to answer every phone call and e-mail; provide quick turnaround (usually within 24 hours) for warranty issues and repairs; know the products we represent, and be able to provide information regarding use and care; provide accurate and timely shipments of orders; and ensure the products we represent are good investments for cyclists, dealers, and distributors.

Have a question or want to learn more about shipping policies visit our contact page.



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